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Information for patients:

Risks and Benefits

Please see Hormone replacement therapy for more information.
Risks include:
- Clots in the legs or lungs
- Slightly increased risk of stroke and heart disease when over the age of 60
- Increased risk of Breast cancer

Benefits include:
- Improving symptoms such as hot flushes, sleep, muscle aches and mood
- Improving vaginal dryness and libido
- Reducing risk of osteoporosis

Lifestyle changes:
Please remember that lifestyle changes are an effective way of dealing with menopausal symptoms in addition to treatment:
Hot flushes and night sweats:
- Regular exercise
- Weight loss (if applicable)
- Wearing light clothing
- Sleeping in cool rooms
- Reducing stress
- Avoiding triggers: spicy foods, caffeine, smoking, alcohol

Sleep disturbances:
- Avoid exercise late in the day
- Maintain a regular bedtime

Mood, anxiety and cognitive symptoms:
- Adequate sleep
- Regular physical activity
- Relaxation exercises

- Menopause UK ( – a network of groups and organisations which represent and support women affected by menopause
- Menopause Matters: ( – provides information on the menopause, menopausal symptoms and treatment options
- The Daisy Network ( – a nationwide support group for women who have suffered a premature menopause