COVID-19 update.

Important Information on our service Thank you for your consideration and support during the Covid-19 pandemic. As you will be aware, a reduction in the numbers of people infected in Scotland has led to the current easing of lockdown.

However, there are some important restrictions still in force, and a number of these have an ongoing effect on the service that our practice can provide;

- Patients with possible Covid symptoms (particularly temperature, cough, altered sense of taste or smell) who need medical advice should contact NHS 24 (telephone 111) - not the GP practice.

- In line with Government guidance, consulting is initially being done over the telephone. If the clinician thinks you need to be seen at the surgery you will be given an appointment to come down.

- Due to social distancing restrictions we cannot use our waiting room; if you have been given an appointment please attend the surgery at your appointed time, ring the buzzer outside and inform the receptionist that you have arrived. Please bring your own mask if you have one – otherwise we will provide one.

- All consultations are carried out by clinicians wearing PPE. Our rooms are cleaned between each appointment.

- Please note that due to these changes we cannot offer the same number of appointments as we used to. The logistics of bringing you safely into the surgery, our staff donning and doffing PPE, and cleaning rooms between patients is very time consuming. We continue to work hard to provide safe and effective healthcare, and ask for your understanding while we adjust to the new necessities of Covid-19.

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For more information, please see below.

21 May, 2020
Covid-19 Pandemic - Attending an appointment in the surgery

You have been invited to attend the surgery for an appointment. Please see the instructions below to minimise the risk to both yourself, our other patients and our staff.

  • Attend alone - no partner / children if possible.
  • Remove coat before entering the building and avoid carrying anything (eg a handbag, ‘phone, kids’ toys, food or drink).
  • Wear loose fitting clothing that will not need to be removed if you are going to be examined.
  • Use the lavatory before leaving home – our toilet facilities are unavailable.
  • You will be met at the door and given a mask to put on before entering the building. You will also be asked to use hand sanitiser. Please try to avoid touching anything e.g. doors when you are inside.
  • Conversation will be minimal during the time you are in the building. Please don’t be offended; this is to keep us all safe. We will speak to you before and after you are seen via the ‘phone.
21 May, 2020
Covid-19 Pandemic - House Visit Procedure

We have agreed to visit you at home. In order to minimise the risk of this contact to both yourself, our other patients and our staff, we ask that you attempt as far as possible to follow the protocol below. If any of these cause you any difficulty, please let us know before we attend.

Preparing for the nurse / doctor visit:

  • Please be ready for the nurse or doctor; you will be seen and examined as close to your front door as possible. This is to minimise the risk of attending your home.
  • Please open windows half an hour or so before the Clinician attends to ventilate the home / room.
  • Please ensure you will not require to visit the toilet while we are there.
  • During the visit:

  • Verbal conversation will be absolutely minimal while we have contact with you at your home. We will speak to you before we attend and discuss the outcome via telephone afterwards.
  • The purpose of the visit will be to physically examine you. This will be done as thoroughly as is required, but as this is all we are doing while we are with you, you will find that the visit should be much quicker than normal. Again, this is to minimise risk.
  • If any questions arise while we are there, you will have an opportunity to discuss these with us after we have left. Please try, as far as is sensible, to avoid conversation with the nurse or doctor while we are there.

We hope you understand the reasons behind this change of procedure and don’t find it too inconvenient. If you have any questions about this, please get in touch before the visit.

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