Chronic Conditions

Cervical Smears

In Scotland, the cervical screening test is offered to all women:
• Between the ages of 25 and 49 every 3 years
• Between the ages of 50 and 64 every 5 years

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Asthma Review

Everyone with asthma should have a regular review with the practice nurse. The aim of this review clinic is twofold:
1. to educate patients about their asthma.
2. to monitor and where possible improve their control and therefore their lifestyle.
Generally, adults should be at least annually and children every six months.
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Diabetic Review

Diabetes can affect many parts of the body and regular review is important. You will be contacted by the surgery team when your review is due; this is approximately annually for most patients who are not under hospital supervision.

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Blood Pressure Review

High blood pressure (Essential Hypertension) is an important condition to monitor. Effective control helps to minimise the risk of heart disease and stroke. Our prescribing pharmacist supervises the treatment of this condition within the practice. If you have raised blood pressure, you should have this reviewed annually.

Please complete the Blood Pressure Review Diary in the FORMS section of our website. More information

Child Health Surveillance

To ensure that your child is growing and developing normally, routine checks are made at six weeks by a doctor and our health visitor.
Please make an appointment as your child reaches that age - we will remind you if you forget.

Vaccinations And Immunisations

Children's vaccinations are carried out by the health visitor in Eastwood Health Centre.

Non-NHS Services

A fee is charged for medical services not covered by the NHS contract. These include private certificates, reports supporting private health insurance claims and other non-NHS medical reports. Medical reports and examinations for insurance companies are usually paid for by the insurance company concerned.
Fees may be charged for examinations for other special purposes such as, for example, HGV and PSV licences, elderly drivers, fitness to drive, fitness to travel, kibbutz medicals, fitness to undertake certain sports and pre-employment medicals. The fee scale is recommended by the BMA and details are available from reception.